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What is MOSIX?

MOSIX is a software that was specifically designed to enhance Unix with cluster computing capabilities.

The core of MOSIX are adaptive management algorithms that monitor and respond to uneven resource distribution among the nodes.

These algorithms assign and reassign processes among the nodes, to continuously take advantage of the best available resources.

The algorithms of MOSIX are decentralized
- each node is both a master for processes that were created locally, and a server for processes that were assigned to it from other nodes.

The MOSIX algorithms are geared for maximal performance, overhead-free scalability and ease-of-use. K-MOSIX is the kernel version of MOSIX. It uses a preemptive (transparent) process migration to obtain near optimal performance for executing demanding, e.g. HPC applications. This version works with specific kernels of Linux.

Recent trends in cluster and GRID computing, in which many applications consist of large number of relatively short processes and/or large amounts of data, e.g. pmake or

Protein-folding, and the dramatic decline in the cost of computing nodes, prompt the development of U-MOSIX, a user-level package for efficient distribution of processes among nodes. Since this version is implemented at user-level, it could be used in most UNIX platforms, e.g. FreeBSD or Solaris, as well as with K-MOSIX.

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MOSIX Configuring tools (Frontends)
Mosixview home page


MOSIXVIEW 1.1 (src-tarball) (2282 KB)

MOSIXVIEW 1.1 (RPM for SuSE 7.3) (2599 KB)

MOSIXVIEW 1.1 (RPM for RedHat 7.2) (2547 KB)

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MOSIX can support configurations with large numbers of computers, with minimal scaling overheads to impair the performance. A low-end configuration may include several PCs that are connected by Ethernet, while a larger configuration may include workstations and servers that are connected by higher speed LAN, e.g., Fast Ethernet. A high- end configuration may include a large number of SMP and non-SMP workstations and servers that are connected by a high performance LAN, e.g. Gigabit-Ethernet.

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