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Debian installer issue

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Debian installer issue

Sometimes I need to install an older relese of Debian and doing this I have encountered a problem while installing Etch flavour (usualy this problem is related with Etch).

The instalation process it hangs at 5% of "Selecting and Installing Packages". Pressing ALT-F4 (from text console) or Ctrl-ALT-F4 (from gui) you will see that the system wait for an answer, Yes or No, but in the instalation screen you won't see a button! And you're stuck!

To fix this, when the installation process is stuck (the instalatiion is stopped at 5%), you have to do:

- press ALT+CTRL+F2 (from gui) or ALT+F2 (from text) to bring up a console.

- Press enter to activate the console.

- Run the command: "ps ax" and locate the "aptitude" line and notice the PID no.

- Run the command: "kill -9 PID" (replace the PID with the aptitude PID as you seen it in the previous line)

- Run the command: "chroot /target" - (the location of the system you are installing).

- Run the command: "aptitude install debian-archive-keyring" - this will install the keyring.

- Run the command: "aptitude update" - The update should now work correctly, with no errors about unverified keys.

- Press ALT+CTRL+F5 (for gui) or ALT+F1 (from text) to return to the installer interface.

- Don't worry about the error message, it's normal since you killed the aptitude process

- Press the button and retry the instalation step.

- Continue the installation as normal to the end.

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