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p2p-grab v.0.1.3
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This script (p2p-grab) will make a log which is useful to generate an IP list. This list is inserted in cbq ( to shape the bandwidth for the users that use P2P programs like Kazaa, eMule, DC++, eDokey and so on. If you use HTB or other programs to shape the bandwidth you can use the IP list generated by this program, but you are on your own. Also the IP list can be inserted in an iptables firewall script...

1. p2pmon (
2. cbq (
3. Few information about shell scripting and linux configuration

My script is cbq.init based. If you wanna use a different traffic shaper you can still use the IP list but you must know what you do...

The previous bug (incomplete IP dumped) was fixed.

Also the archive content have other files (crontab and rc.local) that I used to make it to work. The other two script files will made you life easyer. Open and read inside for more info.

For more scripting help go to and search for it. Or if you need my help write me at

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